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Paul is waiting for Angela Deem to finalize her divorce so he can ask her out

Former Before The 90 Days cast members Paul and Karine have been separated for a while now. Their marriage ended, but they did not divorce to avoid complicating Karine’s legal status in the country. They are currently working together and have hired lawyers to help them get their children back from Child Protective Services.

Paul made it clear on multiple occasions that he and Karine are no longer together and admitted that both of them are looking forward to meeting and dating other people. Recently, Paul Staehle was interviewed on a radio show hosted by celebrity publicist Domenick Nati, and he expressed his desire to ask Angela Deem on a date as soon as she finalized her divorce with Michael Ilesanmi.

Paul Staehle is waiting for Angela Deem to finalize her divorce so he can  ask her out : r/90dayfiance_FB_memes

During the interview, Domenick asked Paul which cast member from 90 Day Fiancé he would date. Without any hesitation, Paul answered, “I don’t know. Angela is looking pretty good.” Paul admitted that he’s been texting back and forth with Angela on Instagram and felt that the Meemaw was being reclusive due to the drama she’s been going through with her Nigerian husband, who left her last month.

This is the second time in less than a year that Paul’s name has been mentioned by many news websites covering reality TV. Back in September 2023, Fans of 90 Day Fiancé were taken aback when Karine abruptly shared disturbing information about Paul on her Instagram story. According to Karine, her husband vanished in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, and he was presumed dead. Fortunately, one week after the story was posted, Paul was found safe and sound.

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Paul Staehle loves the media attention, and this won’t be the last time he says something controversial publicly to create a buzz. The idea of him dating Angela is hilarious and would be entertaining to watch on reality TV. Unfortunately, that will have to wait because Angela Deem has a long battle to fight to get a divorce from her estranged husband and get him deported from the United States for committing marriage fraud.

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