We lead, audit, and improve your projects to secure your success.


The partners of gamoko have been leading projects for major Fortune 500 corporations around the world.

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Our extensive experience in project management ensures we can rapidly and forcefully put in gear the know-how needed to face your biggest challenges.

1. Teach

As certified Project Management Professionals and Project Management Institute members, we are fully qualified to train professionals involved in a project, such as project managers, project team members, or even other members of the performing organization (financial controllers, managers, etc.)

2. Perform

We can perform the project management activities in your organization as consultants. This option can be especially fruitful for complex projects that could be challenging for the actual capabilities of your staff. Of course, it can be a wonderful opportunity to train and to coach your project managers.

3. Improve

By conducting both project audits and organizational audits we can improve your project management capabilities by highlighting the areas of possible improvement and assess your strength.
We can also help you in this very improvement process by deploying best practices and putting in place a Project Management Office.


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