General Hospital: Charlotte Jumps To The Dark Side, Cassadine Genes Shine Through

Currently, on General Hospital, Anna is having a very hard time making sense of things. The one person she thought she could trust more than herself, is also making her question everything. Although that might be unintentional. Or is it? When it comes to life in Port Charles, you never really know! Especially when it comes to making choices between loved ones. And Val is caught up between just that! As much as Anna wants to deny it, she knows Valentin is keeping secrets from her. But what is the real depth of the stealthiness? Moreover, what will be the impact of it when the truth finally spills out! Let’s find out!

Anna Finds A Sinister Message In Her Suite

Previously, on General Hospital, Anna was targeted repeatedly by an unknown assailant. First at the Metro Court pool, then in her own home. When she was out for a jog in the wee hours, an arsonist set her home ablaze, leaving nothings but ashes. Later, she shifted to hotel suite hoping to stay safe. Unfortunately, the recent episodes proved that she may not be as safe as she was hoping to be. She returned to her room to a spine chilling threat scribbled across her mirror.

General Hospital

Anna’s face was literally ashen when she saw the sinister message on General Hospital. Valentin was equally taken aback. As soon as he managed to calm her down, he headed out of the suite hoping to find some clues about the culprit on the CCTV. Although Anna tried to stop him saying that a professional criminal wouldn’t have left any traces behind. But the real question is, is it really a professional criminal we are looking at here? You’d be surprised!

Charlotte Out To Get Anna On General Hospital. Buy Why?

In the recent, General Hospital episode, after settling Anna down, Valentin headed over to Nina’s office and requested her to check the CCTV footage from outside Anna’s suite. Nina readily agreed. After some scanning, the two are shell shocked at the face they see on the screen! Valentin has seen a lot on his life, but this was perhaps something he wasn’t expecting at all! The person who broke into Anna’s suite was none other than his own daughter Charlotte.

General Hospital

But why would Charlotte do something like that on General Hospital? Wasn’t she the sweet little girl always wanting to stay close to her papa? What happened? Well, apart from her teenage hormones soaring, and perhaps unlocking her Cassadine genes! The only explanation that makes sense as of now is that she is jealous and acting out. Maybe Charlotte is not happy about her father spending so much time with Anna. Charlotte could be perceiving it as him prioritizing his lover over his daughter.

However, one big question is, why now? Anna has been a part of Valentin’s life for a long time. Moreover, Charlotte has been okay with it. Not once has she shown any sign of any dislike towards Anna. Could it be that someone is instigating her? Could it secretly be Victor? We know this is Port Charles and anything can happen here! Moreover, is this the only crime Charlotte has done, or is she also responsible for burning Anna’s house?

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