Savannah Chrisley Rips Sister, Lindsie, ‘Stabbed Family In Back’

Savannah Chrisley was a guest on Nick Viall’s podcast recently. During her time on the podcast, the Bachelor personality did what he could to squeeze as much tea out of Savannah regarding her family as possible. Nick fessed up to the fact that he really knew nothing about Savannah’s sister. That, however, didn’t stop him from asking if Savannah thought Lindsie stabbed her family — especially their parents — in the back.

What did Savannah Chrisley have to say to this question? Keep reading for the details.

Savannah Chrisley and her sister Lindsie in a bubble for a feature from YouTube

Savannah Chrisley Rips Sister, Lindsie, “Stabbed Family In Back”

“Wow.” That is what most Chrisley Knows Best fans are saying after listening to Savannah’s appearance on Nick’s podcast. Savannah Chrisley didn’t pull any punches as she ripped her sister to shreds while sharing her thoughts and feelings on Lindsie. Likewise, she made it a point to clarify she was simply spitting facts about her sister.

Nick Viall did ask Savannah to provide a little clarity on her relationship with her sister for his viewers. Savannah explained that Lindsie was Todd’s daughter from a previous marriage. So, they were half-sisters. She insisted that Julie did what she could to treat both Lindsie and Kyle like they were her children. Savannah, however, did not feel Lindsie and Kyle gave Julie the same respect.

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Savannah added that she and Lindsie are not on speaking terms right now. She affirmed that she does believe her sister stabbed the family in the back.

Savannah proceeded to explain that for two years transcripts revealed that Lindsie was working with the government. Then, when their parents went to court Lindsie suddenly switched teams. She defended their parents. And, she claimed the government was lying.

Sadly, Savannah Chrisley believes her sister messed up and found herself in a huge mess. So, she went on the stand to defend Todd and Julie during the trial to try and make up for the two years she spent working with the government.

Lindsie Chrisley Wears Hat & Beanie [Source: Lindsie Chrisley - Instagram Stories]

Chrisley Knows Best Fans Shocked

Despite the fact that fans typically don’t like Lindsie, they weren’t necessarily standing with Savannah during this argument. In fact, one fan points out that Savannah Chrisley is quick to blame everyone but her parents for this situation. Another fan added that if her parents were innocent there wouldn’t be anything for her to worry about. Here’s what some other fans said:

Overall, fans worry Savannah is ruining her life and digging her grave by fighting her parents’ battle. The real question, however, is: What do you think about what she said regarding Lindsie?

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