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Sister Wives- Who Is Leon Brown? (& What They’re Up To In 2023)

Leon Brown’s the only child of Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Meri Brown, and it’s time to share facts about Leon, and talk about what they’re up to this year. Notable for their inspiring trans journey, Leon, who prefers they/them pronouns, is opening up about life via Instagram, and seems to be enjoying every day and night to the fullest. They’re in a relationship that brings them so much joy.

Leon’s appeared on Sister Wives, and offscreen, they’re famous for feuding with their half-brother, Paedon Brown. While Leon was showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Paedon decided to tout the Blue Lives Matter countermovement, which offended Leon. Paedon’s no stranger to feuds, and even called out his own dad for supposedly not being vaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic. While Leon did tangle with Paedon, as Sister Wives season 18 unfolds, they’re all about peace and love at IG.

How Old Is Leon Brown?

Leon turned 28 on July 29, 2023. They’re a Leo, and since Leos are typically so comfortable in the spotlight, it’s not surprising that Leon shines online. In the post above, added before their most recent birthday, Leon’s chilling outside on a rainbow hammock, and expressing pride and happiness. It’s amazing that Leon’s feeling, “grateful to exist as I am.”

What Is Leon Brown’s Job?


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Leon’s reportedly employed at Promise South Salt Lake in Utah. They’re working as a program manager. This organization helps students by offering tutoring and other forms of educational assistance. When Leon isn’t hard at work, they take time to smell the roses, or in this case, some pretty yellow flowers, as seen in the Instagram post above. The caption for this one is quite moving, and it shows depth that doesn’t usually come through in other Sister Wives stars social media posts.

Leon’s Posting On Instagram In 2023

Leon’s gaga over their wife, Audrey Kriss, whom they wed in Colorado in 2022, according to courthouse documents that recently surfaced, as per People. Leon’s still in their honeymoon phase with Audrey, as the duo always look totally in love online, as seen in the screengrab above.

Leon’s low-key, choosing privacy most of the time, but they’ll bravely (and eloquently) share opinions and feelings online. This Sister Wives child’s all grown up now, and in charge of their life. Leon’s blooming like the flowers that they appreciate along the way.

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