Savannah Chrisley Wants A Sugar Daddy?

Savannah Chrisley might be looking for a sugar daddy, but that doesn’t explain her dating Robert Shriver, a former footballer. That minor issue aside, it seems that a yen for older lovers seems to run in the family. At the moment, both Chase and his sister spend a lot of time talking about love. Chrisley Knows Best fans can be harsh, and they talked about it after she liked a social media post.

Savannah Chrisley & Chase Talk About Love

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Recently, on the Unlocked podcast, Todd and Julie’s two older kids explore their relationships. If you don’t know, Chase and Emmy Medders split and their version got quite toxic. When his sister suggested that he try for The Bachelorette, Chase turned down the idea, preferring The Bachelor. However, he wouldn’t mind a sugar mama. That came when they talked about dating broke girls. At the time, he spoke about older women who don’t whine when they sit there with empty wallets.

Savannah Chrisley grew up with wealth and she admitted that she squandered money without a thought until Todd and Julie ended up incarcerated. Naturally, she gets backlash because their conviction for fraud and tax-related offenses is viewed as serious dishonesty. Is she looking for a sugar daddy? After all, it was something she hinted at when she and her brother both applied for the ABC dating shows. Mind you, that was a puzzle seeing she’s supposedly in love with Robert Shriver.

Savannah Chrisley Likes The Idea Of A Sugar Daddy

After the podcasts take place, they generate a lot of discussion on social media. When @crazybitchprobs shared a post on Instagram, they got they changed the context, but it seemed to be on point.

If I wasn’t supposed to grow up to want a sugar daddy why did we base an entire holiday around a much older man bringing me presents for being a good girl[?]”

Not too much snarking took place there, but one follower wrote, “Yesssss where is the lie 😏 I will wait😂😂.”

Meanwhile, another person said, “Well that’s some damn good logic 😂.”

Chrsley Knows Best Savannah Chrisley Wants Some Sugar Daddy Love Instagram

Over on Reddit, u/ElephantFirm6426 shared the fact that Savannah Chrisley liked the post about the sugar daddy. Everyone knows that it’s easier to be snarky there because the target of snarkers can’t really control the content all that much.

Todd Is The Sugar Daddy?

In the comments, a member of the community felt that Todd really was the sugar daddy of Savannah Chrisley. They wrote, “Todd was her sugar daddy most of her life until he went to prison. Lol That is why she is so angry he is locked up and can’t take care of her.”

Another commenter said, “She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and play her part if she wants to be a sugar baby….no she needs to call Kim B from RHO Atlanta to get pointers on scoring a Big Daddy.”

What do you think of Savannah Chrisley seemingly wanting some sugar daddy love?

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