Savannah Chrisley Speaks Out About Julie Hiring Divorce Attorney

Savannah Chrisley reacted to the news that apparently, an outlet will report that her mom Julie is consulting a divorce lawyer. It’s not the first time that she mentioned the D-word. Is there any truth to the story? Actually, it might be interesting to find out if there’s some fire under all the smoke. Read to find out the new rumors that fly.

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Savannah Chrisley Explained Her Mom Julie’s Regrets

Some rumors arose about the former Chrisley Knows Best matriarch when her daughter opened up about her regrets. A lot of people read headlines but don’t open the story. So, some people thought that Julie regretted going along with Todd’s fraud. In reality, she wrote a letter to her daughter and expressed regret because her child has so many responsibilities. Actually, she probably referred to the dedication that comes with custodial guardianship of Chloe and Grayson.

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Rumors that the mom and dad of Savannah Chrisley might get divorced arose in May. Buried in a long post about Mother’s Day, their daughter went off about them. At the time, she claimed that the rumors were “NASTY…[because] people …would love nothing more than to see my family torn apart – my parents are MADLY in love with each other…” Read on to see how she reacted this time.

Savannah Chrisley Says “The National Inquire Is Trash”

On Reddit, a post by Julie’s daughter on social media arrived and many people engaged in a conversation about divorce. The original post revealed that the former USA Network star was reacting to news about an upcoming report about her mom. She dissed the National Inquirer, and captioned it with “THE NATIONAL INQUIRE (sic) IS TRASH!”

Chrisley Knows Best Instagram Savannah Chrisley Speaks Out About Julie Hiring Divorce Attorney

U/Crazy_Idea_4841 said that Savannah Chrisley claims “the national inquirer is going to run a story saying Julie…has hired a divorce atty.” Talking about the story posted on Instagram, they added, “she visited with Julie this past weekend and…Julie was visibly upset about how much she misses Todd so obviously the story was false and she wanted to get ahead of it by blasting it out now.” Then they talked about “no smoke without fire.”

Smoke Without Fire?

Savannah Chrisley denies any truth to the story, but there’s usually some fire when there’s smoke around. However, some people think it’s all drama for more news coverage A follower wrote, “I hope she’s not making things up for publicity because her mother doesn’t need that nonsense.”

Similarly, another commenter said, “I believe she titled this the National Inquire? The title is actually The National Enquirer so who knows what this idiot is really saying. “If I only had a brain”~Scarecrow.”

Here’s another skeptical comment: “Seems this “it’s all lies” is a theme the Chrisley’s (sic) like to run with, until it’s not and the truth comes to light. 🙄.”

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