NCIS: Hawaii fans threaten to ‘boycott’ new franchise addition following cancellation

NCIS: Hawaii viewers have threatened to boycott the latest addition to the CBS franchise, NCIS: Origins, and have slammed the network for cancelling the beloved spin-off.

The announcement came last month, just three years after the series made its historic premiere by having Vanessa Lachey star as Jane Tennant, the first female and woman of colour lead in franchise history.

NCIS: Hawaii fans threaten to 'boycott' new franchise addition following  cancellation | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

As well as demanding the show’s return, fans have also created a petition to urge the network to pick up the series again after its cliffhanger ending.

However, the pleas have turned into frustration and rage after CBS continued to promote their upcoming prequel to the original show.

NCIS: Origins will transport viewers back in time to explore the early days of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, previously played by Mark Harmon.

NCIS Hawaii: Jane Tennant

This sparked rage among fans who took to X with fury, including @nicolebbdos1 who wrote: “This is why NCIS Hawaii was cancelled…. budget for this show & NCIS Origins.”

@Heatwave316 urged: “@CBS Let’s skip the NCIS: Origins and let’s get more eps of NCIS: Hawaii. Canceling that show was a major mistake.”

Another fan @Jmic84 fumed: “No one asked for NCIS Origins. We love Gibbs and all but we get it. Bring back NCIS Hawaii. At least in streaming.”

Addressing the network, @gamecockgrad01 added: “Hey, @CBS . I’m watching NCIS: Hawaii—renew it. I won’t watch Origins.”

NCIS: Origins

An angered @CherylWaldie stated: “I only watched NCIS Hawaii, none of the others, and I won’t be watching Origins, that’s for sure.”

While @julianna_author posted: “I’m not suggesting a boycott of NCIS Origins, but Gibbs’ backstory has already been explored into tedium in NCIS. Unlike NCIS Hawaii.”

The cliffhanger end saw Tennant expecting to find her daughter at home, but instead, she was met with an ominous face from the past on her couch.

CBS has yet to address fans and continued to promote NCIS: Origins including the recent release of a trailer.


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