Mason Is A Dead Man On General Hospital?

General Hospital is gearing up for a massively thrilling ride ahead. Sonny Corinthos has been the heart and soul of the ABC soap for decades. However, in recent times, he had really been feeling out of his element on the show. But all that is about to change, as the dimpled don and the heartthrob of many is all set to take the reigns back in his hands. Moreover, he already may have set his sights on his first target, Mason Gatlin! Keep reading to find out what his fate could be at Sonny’s hands in the upcoming episodes!

Ava Confesses To Sonny

For the longest time, Ava Jerome was struggling to find footing under Mason and his boss’ thumb on General Hospital. Ever since the mystery string-pullers henchman gained leverage on Ava, he has had her on his beck and call. But answering orders is not Ava’s strongest suit! Thus, Mason sent her a strong message by posing a threat to her daughter, Avery, and her mother, Delia. However, Mason’s attempt to insert the rude and compassion-less Betty in Ava and Avery’s life really broke the Camel’s back. Thus, resulting in an argument between Ava and Betty, which Sonny witnessed.

General Hospital

That hostility between the two ladies and Ava’s fear was enough to get Sonny on high alert. Hence, he demanded the truth from Ava. Thankfully, unable to bear the pressure alone, she confessed it all to Sonny on General Hospital. Sonny was livid to know the threat that surrounded his daughter Avery and decided to take the matter into his hands. And we all know Sonny does not fool around when it comes to family! Hence, Mason better watch his back! Sonny just put a target on it!

Sonny Decides To Move Forward All Guns Blazing On General Hospital

Interestingly, General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming episodes tease that Dex will make an unsettling discovery. Perhaps a corpse. Now, with Sonny blazing towards him, there is a huge chance that Mason could end up dead on the ABC soap. We say that for several reasons. For starters, he is the one trying to bend Ava’s arm by posing a threat at Avery. Moreover, he just tried to insert Betty in Avery’s life, which in itself was a huge risk for the child. There is no way Sonny is letting that slide!

General Hospital

Secondly, it seems like targeting Sonny and his family is sort of becoming a trend on General Hospital! First, Sonny was attacked at his own warehouse, then there is a chance that he could be the real target of the Metro Court shootout. And now, this! It seems like the mob kingpin needs to send out a message that he still is numero uno! And messing with him would just lead to a pile of bodies! And it seems Mason’s would be the first of said pile!

This could also have the added benefit of finally drawing out the mystery boss to the open! After all, it is high time we find out who this boss lady is! And what better way than a one-on-one with the mighty Sonny Corinthos!

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