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‘Married at First Sight’ stars Gina Micheletti and Mackinley Gilbert share relationship update after first televised date

Married at First Sight stars Gina Micheletti and Mackinley Gilbert have given an update on their romance after fans watched them go on a date on Season 16.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight: Afterparty, Gina and Mackinley watched back a Season 16 clip of Gina telling her mother and stepfather about her connection with Mackinley after divorcing Clint Webb.

Mackinley was noticeably blushing as the clip aired, and he revealed “he may have mentioned” his date with Gina to his own parents.

“My mom asked and I told her about the date we had gone on,” Mackinley said. “And then right from the get how I found [Gina] attractive. So yeah, they’re familiar with Gina.”

After Decision Day, Mackinley and Gina met up for a date and made lattes together.

The pair had hoped to see each other again and have a second date, but Mackinley was about to move from Nashville, TN, to Flint, MI, which almost certainly threw a wrench into Gina’s plans.

Gina, however, had told Mackinley during their first date that she wouldn’t be afraid of dating long distance, especially since she was such a busy and independent woman.

On Afterparty, Gina and Mackinley were pressed for more details about their blossoming romance.

“I mean, from the beginning, I could tell that Mack was definitely, like, complimentary, and he felt more invested in me. And I know Clint always wanted ‘the crust,’ but I feel like, I don’t know, that Mack had a different way of asking,” Gina explained.

“And so the conversation felt more organic.”

When asked if there was going to be a second date, Gina replied, “I’m hopeful! I’m waiting for that. The ball is in his court — just because I think one of the big things for my marriage was I didn’t really feel pursued. So I’m just going to leave that up to Mack!”

Gina confirmed she and Mackinley had “talked a couple times on the phone,” and Mackinley added, “Gina has called me more than any other girl I know.”

Gina said she had only called Mackinley three times, which made Mackinley clarify, “Gina loves the phone… She likes a phone call. Usually, most people prefer to text, and Gina will call you right up!”

But Mackinley said he also wants to be pursued given he had felt rejected in his Married at First Sight marriage to Domynique Kloss.

“I felt I was pursuing Dom at the time, and I felt like she wasn’t really pursuing me. So, I definitely relate to that,” Mackinley shared.

MAFS star Kirsten Grimes, who joined the pair on Afterparty, joked about how these lovebirds were “wild” and “living on the wild side.”

Kirsten said neither of them were “wasting any time” and it’s important to go after something you want in life.

“Why not give it a try? Why not pursue it? To each his own!” Kirsten stated.

When Married at First Sight’s Season 16 cast traveled to Jamaica for their honeymoon, Mackinley told the other grooms how he couldn’t believe Clint wasn’t physically attracted to the “sexy” Gina, before telling Clint, “I think you’re crazy.”

Mackinley and Domynique asked for a divorce on Day 12 of the extreme experiment, but Gina and Clint — despite lacking chemistry and a mutual attraction, physically — continued on with their marriage, hoping their friendship could organically turn into something romantic.

But Gina and Clint’s relationship never left the friend zone, and so they also chose to get a divorce on Decision Day.

Once Gina became single again, Mackinley asked her on a date, and they seemed to hit it off.

Clint, meanwhile, began going on dates with other women as well, and he even kissed Domynique twice while the MAFS cast went axe throwing together. In fact, Clint and Domynique left the gathering arm-in-arm.

However, based on a preview for Married at First Sight’s June 21 reunion episode, Clint and Gina may have found their way back to each other.

“After the show is over, we’ve become even closer,” Clint announces in the promo.

The reunion host Kevin Frazier asks, “Is there a chance this could ever come back around?”

“That’s the burning question,” Gina responds.

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