Kate Middleton Has a ‘Credibility Problem,’ Claims Royal Expert After Secret Surgery: ‘We’ll Stop Believing You’

Kate Middleton can’t seem to get herself out of hot water. The Princess of Wales was last seen in December 2023; it’s been more than two months since the future queen was spotted in public. And while people were alright with her absence at first, the last few weeks have created a slew of conspiracy theories (Katespiracy theories, if you will) surrounding her mysterious disappearance.

After sharing a Mother’s Day photo that appeared to be edited, Kate issued an apology. But one royal expert explains that with everything going on, Kate has now earned a “credibility problem” among the public.

Kate Middleton has continued to remain mysterious about her disappearance

Kate and Prince William in 'skilful piece of diplomacy' to secure popular  support | Royal | News |

Kate has yet to uncover a single additional detail about what has happened to her. When the princess underwent the alleged surgery, nobody thought much of it and wished her well. But the absence eventually sparked conspiracy theorists’ interest, leading everyone to wonder why Kate won’t come forward with information.

In late February, Prince William pulled out of the memorial service for his godfather at the last minute, piquing even more interest about Kate. It prompted the palace to release a statement that they had no plans to share more information about Kate’s recovery. But when the palace later admitted to editing a Mother’s Day photo of the princess, eyebrows quickly rose again.

Royal expert Rob Shuter now says that Kate and the royals have a “credibility problem” after not coming out with more details about Kate’s absence from the start.

“If you’re not going to tell us the truth about why you were in the hospital, then we’ll just stop believing you,” Shuter told Good Day New York on March 11. “So I fear Kate has a credibility problem at the moment.” Shuter went on to add, “My sources are saying it’s really serious. What’s going on with Kate is very serious.”

Why is everyone so concerned with the princess?

Kate Middleton recovering from surgery, 'responding to emails,' expert  claims | Fox News

Alright — opinion time. Back in mid-January, the palace said Kate would be out of royal duties until at least Easter, which falls on March 31, 2024. So, the question is: Why is everyone so worried about her now? The palace made clear she wouldn’t be seen until at least that point. Instead of creating conspiracy theories, why not just let this whole thing play out until Easter?

If Kate re-appears on Easter and looks as good as new, then her personal health is nobody’s business, and things continue as normal. However, if she doesn’t make her royal return by Easter (or the first week of April because we’ll generously give her a few days’ grace period), then we kick up the conspiracy theories and force information out of the palace.

Nobody knows officially where Kate is, but there has been speculation about extremely personal matters involving her health and her happiness. If she chooses to go it alone, people should respect that. But if she doesn’t come back, then it’s time to worry.

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