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Jenny Slatten Accused Of Hypocrisy Amid 90 Day Fiancé Feud With Kimberly Rochelle

Not all fans are taking Jenny Slatten’s side after Kimberly Rochelle called her the C-word during the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5 Tell-All. Kimberly and her husband Tejaswi Goswami aka TJ star in the ongoing installment of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off. Kimberly, who’s from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, moved to India to marry TJ and begin the new life she’d dreamed of thanks to her spirit guides. However, clairvoyant Kimberly outright refused to get along with TJ’s family and follow their traditions. Jenny, who starred in The Other Way season 4 and is married to Indian man Sumit Singh, was invited to give her two cents on Kimberly’s storyline.

Kimberly was rude to Jenny when the latter called her out for saying “I hate India.” However, some Reddit users on Collins—‘s thread refuse to see Kimberly as the mean one.

TLC, please be done with this woman. Kimberly, when it comes to a 90 day og like Jenny, my dear you could never.
byu/Collins— in90DayFiance

The fan shared a photo of Kimberly captioned, “TLC, please be done with this woman. Kimberly, when it comes to a 90 day og like Jenny, my dear you could never.” Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiance viewer BlazeOfGlory72 wrote, “Jenny was being a total hypocrite, and was the last person on Earth that should be criticizing someone for not adjusting well to Indian culture.” Another fan, seragrey, wrote, “Jenny needs to chill out, almost 70 years old attacking a young woman for the same s*** she did on the same show.”

Jenny Slatten & Kimberly Rochelle’s 90 Day Fiancé Feud Explained

Jenny and Sumit were two of the seasoned 90 Day Fiancé cast members, along with Tim Malcolm, Tania Maduro, Andre Castravet, and Kalani Faagata, invited to the Tell-All to sit with the current cast members, ask them questions, and react to their revelations. Jenny came to the show on a mission. She wanted to call Kimberly out for the way she had disrespected India and TJ’s family. Jenny has been living in India for over four years. She calls the country her home and may not have liked the way Kimberly formed an opinion of the place without giving it or its people a fair chance.

However, Kimberly told Jenny that her opinion didn’t matter to her. When Jenny called Kimberly an entitled and spoiled brat, Kimberly called her a “c***.” Cast members such as Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermeier and Shekinah Garner jumped to defend Jenny. Kenny is still showing his support to Jenny on social media. Jenny and Kimberly’s feud has now taken root on Instagram after Kimberly claimed the couple did not interest her and said they were fake. TJ also joined his wife in bashing Sumit online by calling him a loser. Jenny and Sumit’s response to Kimberly was a subtle one, but they did double down by calling the newcomers brats.

Jenny had her own set of problems when she was trying to marry Sumit on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. While Jenny did appreciate Sumit’s Indian culture, she, too, never got along with Sumit’s family. She knew her age was an issue for Sumit’s parents and continued to date him and refused to let go, even after finding out that he was married to someone else. Jenny got her fair share of criticism when she was on the show, although she now enjoys a drama-free life as she’s not on TV anymore.

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