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General Hospital: Cyrus Has A Connection With [THIS] Villain

Alright! So we were right in speculating that Cyrus returning to General Hospital has a much bigger purpose than handing out books behind bars. In the most recent episodes of the ABC soap, we saw Cyrus literally knocking at death’s door, but that door wasn’t answered. Thus, the big bad boy had no choice but return to the land of living! As he should, because, hey! we still need to find out “the” purpose! But you won’t have to wait too long! Because TV Season & Spoilers is attempting to connect the dots for you! Keep reading to find out!

Austin Get’s A Major Shock

In one of the recent General Hospital episodes, Cyrus took a prison beating and then suffered a heart attack. Hence, he had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. And guess who was his doctor? Austin Holt, of course! Interestingly, the color faded from the doctor’s face when he saw Cyrus in front of him. All through out, he looked really uncomfortable treating his newest patient. But that’s not all! Things got all the more interesting when suddenly Cyrus grabbed his doctor’s wrist and started speaking about destroying all commandants. However, he then spoke about getting second chances.

General Hospital

Cyrus loves talking in riddles, doesn’t he? Well, that’s what makes his character so fascinating and entertaining to watch. But again, that’s still not all! He then made remarks about Austin’s family. Of course, neatly wrapped in blessing! But just like us, it looked like Austin was reading between the lines. It really appeared as if Cyrus knew something dark about Austin’s past! Or perhaps present! We know Austin is trying his best to live his life like a decent man. But he does have a shady past that he shared with his cousin, Mason! Could Cyrus somehow be pointing at that? Did he mean Mason when he hinted at Austin’s family?

Is Cyrus Harboring Secrets About Mason & Austin On General Hospital?

Austin is struggling really hard to turn his life around at General Hospital. However, the kind of life he has lived in the past makes it really difficult to leave it behind. But then, we are already witnessing that, thanks to Mason! We have a feeling Cyrus is sitting on a pile of secrets that could have something to do with Mason and Austin. After all, Cyrus is certainly the kind of guy who loves to “know things”. We wonder if in the upcoming episodes, Cyrus is going to play some hands with the dubious cousins. Perhaps a little blackmail?

However, there could also be an even larger angle here! Perhaps Cyrus is aiming to hook a much bigger fish on General Hospital! What if the secret that Cyrus is sitting on is actually connected to Austin and Mason’s boss? Perhaps he even knows the identity of the mystery villain! Maybe at some point in the past, Cyrus could have had some mob-related relations with her. And now, seeing Cyrus right in front of him, Austin is perhaps fearing a spill! Do you think Cyrus is about to become a catalyst in a major mob war in Port Charles?

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