Chrisley Knows Best: How Does Chase Chrisley Make Money?

How does Chrisley Knows Best star Chase Chrisley make money?

With the Chrisley family patriarch, Todd Chrisley, and matriarch, Julie Chrisley, in prison, things are uncertain. But Chase seems to be doing well enough for himself in their absence. This has begged the question among fans: how does Chase make his money? Here’s what we know.

Chase Chrisley - Chrisley Knows Best - Unlocked w Savannah Chrisley

Chase And Emmy Call It Quits

The world has been turned upside-down for Chase in recent weeks. Nine months ago, he proposed to his girlfriend Emmy Medders, and she enthusiastically said “yes.” Chase used an impressive 3.5-carat diamond to propose, and the two seemed to be on cloud nine.

But on July 25th, the two announced that they were calling it quits. Before they made the split official, fans noticed that Chase and Emmy erased all signs of each other’s existence from their social media accounts. Then, Chase dropped the bomb on an Instagram Story. He noted that fans have been asking questions about himself and Emmy. The 27-year-old said of the decision, “We both agreed to parts ways and move on with our lives separately. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”

In a statement, Chase’s representative told People magazine that the couple decided to go their separate ways. The representative, Adam Ambrose, explained, “Chase has nothing but love and respect for Emmy and wishes her well. Unfortunately, things didn’t work and they are both moving on with their lives.” Some fans speculated that Chase’s behavior may have led to the split. On social media, he follows a number of adult-oriented and NSFW social media accounts which fans

Emmy has not spoken publicly about the split. But the tight-knit Chrisley family has already unfollowed her on social media, cutting her out.

How Does Chase Chrisley Make His Money?

Now that he doesn’t have a fiance to support and is flying solo, fans are more curious than ever about Chase Chrisley and his financial situation.

One fan forum online posed the question: how does he make his money? And the responses showed just how baffled everyone is by Chase’s career. One person wrote, “On Savannah’s podcast Chase said he’s working on a podcast with John Daly.” Being associated with John could be good for a future career in entertainment. Another pointed out that the Chase Chrisley Collection, his candle line, has shown all items “Sold out” for quite some time now. This means he’s likely not pushing inventory.

Some fans mused that he might be in the “family business” which they called “Grifting” and “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” One also pointed out that Emmy makes her own money, so Chase can no longer rely on her income to support himself. But it was a screenshot from one fan that brought the answer: Chase appears to have a real estate license. Whether or not he’s using it is anyone’s guess. But he does have the ability to sell real estate to make money, according to the screenshot which purports to show a license from the Tennessee government.


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