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Chase & Savannah Chrisley Compete To Disappoint Daddy?

Have Savannah and Chase Chrisley turned dating into a weird competition to disappoint daddy? Chrisley Knows Best fans think that might very well be the case.

As fans know, Savannah Chrisley made headlines when she revealed her boyfriend had a pretty interesting history. She revealed that his ex-wife tried to hire someone to murder him.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans have now looked into the background of Chase Chrisley’s new girlfriend too. Turns out, Jodi Laine Fournerat is linked to a pretty similar story.

Initially, some fans suspected Jodi Laine Fournerat linked up with Chase because she hoped to enjoy his clout and land on a reality TV show. Now, however, fans suspect they connected because of their parents’ criminal histories.

Some fans, however, are jesting that it feels like Savannah and Chase have turned dating into some weird competition involving sketchy significant others.

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Chase & Savannah Chrisley Compete To Disappoint Daddy?

In a thread on Reddit, one Chrisley Knows Best fan asks if anyone has heard about Chase’s new girlfriend.

I read that her mom was in trouble with the law for hiring a sheriff to unalive her husband (girlfriend’s father) and that her dad was also in trouble for a bar fight. Crazy that Savannah is involved with someone with a similar situation They both found partners who’s families have criminal problems lol

Chrisley Knows Best fans responded to the very end of the OP’s paragraph. They noted they didn’t think it was “crazy” Savannah and Chase both have significant others with similar backgrounds. Instead, they thought it was because they were trying to turn it into a competition.

Chase and his new girlfriend

Here’s what some fans had to say about it:

  • “He’s just trying to one up his sister! Isn’t she dating someone whose wife wanted to hire someone to kill him?”
  • “Lol doesn’t surprise me look at their parents was their role model .”
  • “Really we could never make this stuff up.”
  • “They like drama! Just like how Savannah is always online saying how badly her parents have been treated. There is no doubt they did exactly what they have been convicted for. But she is still milking it. I think it is about stirring people up and starting drama.”

Living For The Drama?

Chrisley Knows Best fans admit they find nothing about the situation to be surprising. Savannah and Chase Chrisley grew up in reality TV. Their entire life has been about creating a storyline that grabs attention. So, fans believe they live for the drama, and finding an “interesting” partner to be with just makes sense.

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As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Todd Chrisley has no plans to meet anyone his children are dating until he gets out of prison. He has explained that it is simply because he doesn’t want that to be the environment where he meets someone important to his children for the first time. So, if any of the relationships last, it may be a while before they get judgment passed on them by Todd Chrisley.

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