90 Day Fiance: Riley Feels Violet Is Pinning Someone Else’s Baby On Him? Demands DNA Test!

Riley and Violet bagged the title of one of the most problematic couples in the show. They often used insults and mockery as a way to communicate daily. The 90 Day Fiance stars annoyed fans with their turbulent storyline filled with non-stop drama. In fact, Riley always doubted his Vietnamese partner and hired a private investigator to track her.

On the other hand, Violet never allowed Diego to come near her even for a kiss or hug. Violet’s sudden pregnancy came as a shock to both the fans and Riley. Now, it appears that the future dad is doubting the DNA of his baby and demands proof.

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance: Riley Diego Demands DNA Test To Prove Paternity!

Violet and Riley are known for their frequent highs and lows in the relationship. They have been trying to save the relationship since the beginning. But Riley is struggling hard to trust his girlfriend after several heartbreaks. He has been keeping an eye on every movement of the Vietnam native.

However, things got too far when he came to know about Violet’s pregnancy. The 90 Day Fiance celeb revealed recently that his girlfriends if texting him about the same in the latest preview. Fans were shocked because they seemed to be avoiding any kind of physical contact on the screens.

90 day Fiance

Diego was chatting with his friend Tiffanie when she asked if she was going to be an aunt and he said yes. Now he is doubting if he is the actual father of the child. The latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way revealed that Riley wasn’t happy and excited at the announcement and he is doubting.

He confessed to the cameras that he wanted a DNA test to prove the paternity. Moreover, the American native states that he is going to do the right thing if he is the father of the child. He went on to express that he is not going to allow the child to grow up without the father.

90 Day Fiance: Riley Shares Cryptic Post After Violet’s Unexpected Pregnancy!

Riley Diego always doubted his Vietnamese partner no matter what. The pair lacked chemistry from the beginning and made headlines for their constant fights. The new teaser of the show left the fans in literal shock. Some fans took to Reddit to discuss how they are going to parents without any intimacy between them.

Hence, Riley decided to take a jibe at the fan’s reaction and shared a hilarious response. He uploaded a video on his Facebook with a Simpsons reference. The 90 Day Fiance celeb shared the video of the Simpsons characters performing a sensual dance.

90 Day Fiance

Later, the dancer declared, “She’s pregnant, and it’s mine” at the end of the video. Further, he also added a shrugging emoji to express his reaction to the video. Fans were impressed with the reality TV celeb’s response and praised him for the hilarious video.

Now fans can understand that Diego too was doubting how she became pregnant.

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