90 Day Fiance: Kalani Faagata Clears Up Pregnancy Rumors

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata is clearing up some pregnancy rumors that she actually started herself. The mother of two is actually in the midst of working out her marriage on The Last Resort. Yet, off-camera, she has already moved on with Dallas Nuez. So, is she planning on having another baby already or is she currently expecting after a whirlwind romance? Read on for more details.

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Kalani Faagata Clears Up Pregnancy Rumors

It seems like Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa may be trying to mend their marriage but they are failing. He was unfaithful and allowed her to be with someone else, as well. In his mind, this would level the playing field. Sadly, she developed feelings when she was with the other man and could not break free from him. More so, Kalani admitted that she could not think of Asuelu in an intimate way after his cheating. So, The Last Resort is clearly it for them.

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She has since moved on with Dallas Nuez, the man she used her “hall pass” on, and seems extremely happy. There has even been talk of them moving in together. Then, Kalani Faagata did a Q&A on her Instagram where she said she was ready for baby number 3. “I’m 35, so I feel like it’d have to happen this year or not at all. But also my boys never stop fighting so,” she shared. This led people to believe she and Dallas were working their way to a baby. Now, Kalani is clearing up any and all baby rumors.

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She wrote that she is not pregnant and encouraged her followers to not click articles saying otherwise. To be fair, she did say that it had to happen this year. Therefore, it would make sense for fans to believe that there could be a chance that she was trying or already expecting. However, Kalani is making it perfectly clear that she is not pregnant in any capacity. It seems that when she is good and ready, she will make the announcement on her own platform.

Moving On & Up

Kalani Faagata made the point that Asuelu was the first and only man she had ever been with. Yet, something had been lacking that she did not know she would find until she met Dallas. She did block him while she was at the couple’s retreat but could not stop thinking about him. He brought her back to life and it was just what she needed. In all fairness, she and Asuelu had been struggling for some time. Then, he went to Samoa and cheated on her, catching thrush, which probably made the situation worse. Now, he has moved out of state and she is living her best life.

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