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General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Is In A BIG PICKLE

Get ready to buckle up for a whirlwind of drama coming your way in the world of General Hospital! As we approach the highly anticipated episode on Wednesday, September 20th, tensions are escalating and secrets are unfurling in Port Charles. From fiery confrontations to mysterious apologies, the lives of your favorite characters are about to take thrilling turns. Set your reminders and prepare yourself. This episode is brimming with unexpected twists and heartfelt moments that promise to keep you at the edge of your seat. Don’t miss out on the unfolding drama that awaits!

Brook Lynn Takes a Stand

The drama kicks off with an intense confrontation. Brook Lynn Quartermaine will, in the near future, have a harsh word or two for Tracy Quartermaine. Last week, as keen followers noted, Maxie Jones and Lucy Coe unraveled the myster. They realized it was Brook Lynn who revealed their secrets to her grandma, Tracy.

Maxie is not going to keep quiet about this. She met with her friend recently and fired her, but not before expressing her anger towards Brook Lynn. She was caught helping Tracy with her Deception lawsuit, putting not only the company but Lucy and Maxie’s jobs in danger. Maxie, being a single mother of three, has a lot on her plate especially considering that one of her children, Bailey-Lu Jones, shares a past with Brook Lynn. The confrontation between Brook Lynn and Tracy is going to be nothing short of explosive. It looks like Brook Lynn will possibly cut ties with her granny.

But that’s not all! Maxie and Lucy are also headed towards a disagreement. The spoilers hint that on September 20th, the atmosphere at Deception will be extremely tense. They seem to be at odds over a deal Tracy proposed to Lucy the previous week. It involves a 49-51% stake, with Lucy contributing her ELQ share as part of the agreement. Maxie might push Lucy to go ahead with the deal, but Lucy seems reluctant to part with her share that easily.

General Hospital

General Hospital: Concerns for Gregory Chase

Somewhere else in town, there will be a somber mood surrounding Gregory Chase’s deteriorating health. Elizabeth and Finn will discuss his future care options. Though it’s a sad situation, the silver lining is that both Liz and Finn are experts in their field and will be fully supporting Gregory during this time.

Cody Bell’s Mysterious Apology

As we near the end, there’s a mysterious spoiler regarding Cody Bell. It seems he will be extending an apology to someone, but it is unclear who the recipient will be. Will it be because he and Sasha Gilmore find themselves in hot water, or is it an apology extended to Dante Falconeri for involving Sam McCall in the #SaveSasha rescue mission? To unveil this mystery, make sure to tune into the next episode on ABC.

General Hospital

So, buckle up, General Hospital fans, because the future promises lots of drama and suspense. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for September 20th September. It’s going to be a day filled with startling revelations and heated confrontations. Also, TV Season & Spoilers will keep updating this space with all the latest GH spoilers as they surface.

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