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’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Is Angela Deem A Lesbian?

Is 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem now adding the title of lesbian to the long list of things she considers herself? She has been known as many things but fans have always seen her very into her husband, Michael Ilesanmi. Has something changed? Read on for more details on what Angela is up to.

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90 Day: The Last Resort Is Angela Deem A Lesbian?

Angela Deem is the life of the party and is down for everything. This is either a good or a bad thing for viewers who love or hate her. She has a tendency to go overboard with her loud ways which can be a turnoff. During the current season of 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort, Angela’s husband is only there via video. Therefore, she is free to let loose with the rest of the cast like Jovi Dufren and Kalani Faagata. She and Jovi get along extremely well because they love to drink and stay up until all hours, something his wife, Yara Zaya dislikes.

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As for Kalani, they have great girl bonding time because they have been through a lot of the same stress. Angela Deem has also found time to flirt with the hospitality staff so it has been a good time. Yet, when did the lesbian situation come in? According to Meaww, Angela referred to herself as one on the September 17th episode of The Last Resort. It was all of the female cast having cocktails and enjoying their time. Then, Molly Hopkins broke out her lingerie for everyone to feel sexy and beautiful. That was when the real fun and trouble ensued.

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They all showed an amazing sense of body positivity which prompted Angela to declare that she was a lesbian. Then, she tackled Kalani Faagata to the bed. Of course, fans had to chime in with comments: “Angela always has to do or say something disgusting. She’s so inappropriate and her laugh is so damn fake.” Another felt that Angela was simply “fake.” It seems like she is just having fun while trying to lighten the mood but in her Angela way.

Who Is Angela?

Angela Deem is a loud and foul-mouthed MeeMaw who has chain-smoked and does not care what people think about her. She is eruptive and out there but she does care. When Kalani was trying to get into the retreat, Angela was there to listen to her co-star about her marital struggles. She has been a great and fun shoulder that the women may have never expected.

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